About Us

CBData® was created out of need. 


Our founder's father used to send her a “data locator” each year, that outlined the names of the attorneys, the accountants and other critical people and pieces of information he felt she might need should something happen to him and/or her mom.  The last data locator she received from him was in 1987, typed on a typewriter.  In 1994, her parents were in a car accident that killed her mother.  Her father lost his executive level skills and, over the next 12 years, he slowly glided downhill until the last two years, when he had no less than 7 diagnoses, 20 different medications and needed full time, around-the-clock care from two aides or an aide and a nurse.  She was constantly running to the hospital or the doctors and created her first version of CBData®, in a combination of Word® and Excel®, as a way to keep track of all of her dad’s medical issues.  She was overwhelmed with data, spreadsheets, forms, prescriptions, appointments and thought "there must be a better way!"  As a software inventor, she knew there had to be...and the formal idea for CBData® was born.  CBData® Pro was released in 2012, to help small businesses consolidate their important business information and run their operation.


We live in a complex society.  We hear, all the time, about the “sandwich” generation;  how people have children and parents for whom they have to manage affairs and they don’t have any idea how to even begin to accumulate all of the information – let alone what information.  They don’t want their data on the internet; their primary concern is security.  Parents live in one part of the country, while children live in another.  Not all parents are computer literate and, in general, most people are not well organized.   We live in an aging society where the average life span increases, people live longer and by the year 2025 there will be more people over the age of 65 than under the age of 15.  Who better to help organize our parents and ourselves than us, now, while memories are still good and participation still active?  If all of our information is organized and in one secured place, there is a central repository where everyone involved can go to in any sort of catastrophe – health, earthquake, tsunami, hurricane, fire, flood, whatever, to be able to evaluate, get everyone on the same page, give status reports, get proper documents, see the big picture and hopefully, make difficult times, including the last years of a parent’s, spouse’s, or even a sibling’s life, easier for everyone concerned.

We hope CBData® is a great benefit and relief to you, your clients, your friends and your family.  We encourage all suggestions, since the product will continue to evolve because of our clients’ evolving needs.


If you have ever been, or are currently in the position of having to juggle your family's affairs...this product is for you!


Feel free to email us your story and let us know if you want to share it with others, we will be happy to include it in our future newsletters.