10 Simple Steps to Installing and Using CBData®  

  1. Download your copy of CBData® from www.CBDataSystems.com or install CBData® using your CD-ROM.  BE SURE THE INSTALL PROGRAM IS SAVED ON THE "C" DRIVE.
    The simple installation and registration process takes only minutes.  Restart your computer.
  2. Open CBData® and register your product;  you’ll need the serial number that came in the email confirmation.
  3. Create your Username, Password, input your social security number or tax ID and create two Secret Questions and Answers for when/if you forget your Username or Password.
    The secret questions and answers gives you access to forgotten usernames and passwords
  4. Decide which members of your family need CBData® Children, Grandchildren, Parents, Grandparents, etc.
  5. Decide what types of information you would like to track, e.g. Pets, Cholesterol, Meds, Investments, Policies, Wine Collection, Airline Miles, Credit Scores - or all of them!   
  6. Locate the personal, medical and financial data listed in the CBData® Startup Checklist located in Appendix A of the Help Menu
    Pull all your medications together, gather all passwords, make a list of your assets, etc.  If you need help, call us!  We have a Certified JumpStart Concierge service that can help you.
  7. Fill out the simple Quick Start Form with as much information as you can;  you will be able to input many more items for each category, once you get into the main program!  When you click “GO”, watch CBData® automatically populate appropriate fields with the information you input.
  8. Import data into CBData® from sources such as Microsoft Outlook®, Microsoft Excel®, Quicken® and QuickBooks®.  There is no need to re-enter already existing data.  Then populate the product with whatever additional information you want, even attaching documents, scans and pictures. You don’t have to do everything at once; just pick the one area that gives you the most pain and work on that one.  Think of CBData® as a set of building blocks; you can always build on what you have and you don’t need to go out and buy more software!
  9. Decide what you’d like to sync to your mobile app; your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and soon, your Android, and go into Tools -> Mobile Device App and select the SubTabs of information to sync.
  10. Decide how you would like to back up your encrypted data; USB drive, CD, physical binder, to the Internet or all of them!