What is CBData®?
CBData® is our smart, integrated, personal record keeping tool that organizes all of the information that is important to you and in the process, simplifies your life. CBData®; enables you to easily and securely store all of this important personal, medical and financial data-accounts, assets, test results, properties, pets, passwords and anything you want to track-wine, baseball or stamp collections, restaurants, trips, the market--much more. CBData®; intelligently manages commonly used data (e.g., birth date, social security number) to save you time. Allows you to attach documents. Generates reports. Sends you reminders.  Tracks your physical documents and assets.  And much more.

How will CBData® save me time?
Because CBData® is designed to handle all types of information-whether personal, medical and financial data, reminders, inventories, etc., it makes the job of collecting this information easier and less time consuming. With CBData®, you only need to enter important information once. When you input your Social Security number, for example, CBData® instantly puts it everywhere it's needed.  If you move, change banks, insurance providers, etc., you enter the information once and CBData® updates it everywhere for every person it is applicable to.  And CBData® makes it easy to find any of this information and print it out using dozens of pre-formatted reports.

I already have information in other programs. What should I do?
CBData® lets you import data from existing programs. Let's say you have put some personal data in Outlook®, financial data in Quicken® and your medical records are scattered all over. CBData® provides a step-by-step way to quickly and easily get all of that data together in one place.

Can I scan and attach copies of documents?
Yes-that's one of the most popular ways to use CBData®. Now you can have one location for digital copies of everything from your birth certificate to your Social Security card. CBData® lets you scan or attach important documents-birth certificate, credit cards, marriage certificate, Social Security card-so  you have copies instantly available-often that's all you need.  And it has built-in links to remind you where the originals are stored.

How do I get access to the information in my CBData® product?
CBData® has an easy search capability-just enter "Insurance" or "Bank Account" or "My pet Fido" and CBData® will find the information you are looking for. You can also print out dozens of pre-formatted reports or create your own.

I keep important documents in a safe deposit box. How will CBData® help me?
Keeping important documents in a safe place is a great idea and one that you should continue. CBData® provides you with an easy way to enter locator information so you know exactly where to look when you need the original document.

Do I need to be connected to the Internet to use CBData®?
No. CBData® works on your PC-it does not require a connection to the Internet. You can, however, store reports and even a backup of your data file on the Internet, if you so desire, to share with family and trusted advisors.

How secure is my data?
Very. CBData® is completely password protected and uses 256 bit AES encryption and a unique "fingerprint" to prevent unauthorized disclosure of your information.


What is the technology behind CBData®

CBData® is built on a Microsoft Access® database which ensures longevity and stability for our product.


How many CBData® Members can I create?
After you purchase a copy, you can create as many CBData® family Member Profiles as you need. Click on the ORDER NOW tab of this website to purchase a copy of CBData®.

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We welcome the opportunity to work with select partners-including accountants, financial planners, family offices, health care and human resources professionals and others-who would like to offer CBData® as a value-added service to their clients. Please contact us to discuss private labeling and bulk discounts.