CBData® allows you to print out reports for all sorts of things, at the touch of a button.  As you populate the personal, medical, financial and fun sections of your software, you will be able to print out reports and print outs of anything and everything you have entered or want to track.


Below are samples of just a few popular reports you can obtain from your CBData® program:


Medical Intake Forms: print out all relevant medical information so you don't have to fill out the same forms asking the same questions each time you or someone you love has to visit a doctor.  Manage prescriptions, dosages, diagnoses, test results similarly.  VIEW REPORT


Service Providers: maintain an updated list of household service providers (contractors, plumbers, electricans, landscapers, decorators, etc.), for each residence, commerical property, family members' homes, or all of the above.  VIEW REPORT


Resume: by inputting awards, affiliations and employment history, you are able to generate a resume, in real-time.  VIEW REPORT


Data Locator: Not sure where you have stored or "hid" important documents or valuables?  CBData®'s data locator report doesn't require you or your loved ones to remember, it tracks it for you.  Never have to say, "I know I put it in a safe place, but I can't remember where!"  VIEW REPORT


Trackers: if you are a movie buff and want to track your movies/DVD can.  The "Trackers" section of your copy of CBData® can track it all for you.  VIEW REPORT


For more information, please download our CBData® Brochure...