Simplify Your Life

Besides CBData® being the most complete personal recordkeeping software available, it also makes the job of collecting and using your vital information easier and less time consuming.

Have you ever been annoyed by having to enter basic data, such as your address or Social Security No., over and over?

CBData® was specifically designed so you only need to enter important information once for your whole family. Then, CBData® intelligently puts that data wherever it is needed. Input your address or Social Security number and CBData® instantly puts it everywhere it's needed in your personal, medical and financial records.  Moving?  Switching bank accounts? Changing health insurance companies? Enter the information once and CBData® updates it everywhere - for each member of your family.

Once the information is entered, CBData® makes it easy to use:

  • Someone pick your pocket?  Steal your wallet or purse?  Print out the Wallet Contents Report and see what you need to replace.
  • Leaving the house?  Going on a trip?  Going to the store?  Print out an Emergency Medical Wallet Card, just in case!
  • Heading to the doctor?  Don’t bring a bag of medicines;  just print out a Medical Intake Form.  It has those and everything else your doctor will need to know to properly treat you.
  • No more visits to the accountant or attorney with a shoebox full of receipts or a bagful of papers.  CBData® creates a Data Locator Report that can include a copy of your will, your insurance policies, a list of your banks and brokerage accounts, your professional advisors, your passwords, your assets;  basically everything they need to know, so your money is spent on quality planning instead of clerical organizing.
  • Don’t want to retire?  Create a resumé!  CBData® can store your educational and job histories and, since it knows your name, address, phone number and email address, can easily assemble it all!
  • Pre-set whatever reports and attachments you know you’ll want in a hurry, for each Member Profile you’ve created,using our "Grab & Go" feature.


CBData® has dozens of pre-formatted documents so you can quickly get the information you need in a form you can use right away.

Need to look up something quickly?  CBData® has a simple, one-step search capability that lets you quickly find the data in any profile you’ve created.

And CBData® manages all of this information for you and each member of your family. A single CBData® license supports an unlimited number of CBData® Profiles and Users for a family.  If you need someone to act on your behalf, you can give them controlled access to your copy of CBData®, or sync it with their mobile device ore even print out the information that's needed and give it to them.

Get started today. Download your copy of CBData®.  If it’s important to you and your family, it should be in your copy of CBData®