Do I Really Need CBData®?


YES!  Because CBData® is the only program that helps you get all of your data - personal , medical, financial and fun information together - everything from bank accounts and birthdays to pets and medical prescriptions - it's designed for everyone.

Having your family's personal, medical and financial information readily available is more than just a convenience:

  • In a medical emergency, having the right information can save lives.
  • Accurate financial account information can save money.
  • In the event of fire, flood or theft, accurate records are the key to reclaiming what is yours.
  • In a family crisis, having the right information can instantly provide peace of mind and allow for informed decision making.


In short, having your critical information organized and accessible is not just the right move. It's the smartmove.

Still not convinced? Think about how you manage your important personal, medical and financial records, today, and ask yourself:


  • Do I have to sort through over stuffed drawers, bulging file folders or little scraps of paper to find important information?
  • If I suddenly became unavailable, will my family would have a hard time managing my affairs?
  • Shouldn't there be an easier, safer way to keep track of all my user names and passwords? 
  • If I ever have to file an insurance claim, will I have trouble, properly documenting my property and jewelry?
  • Is it possible I have lost track of assets that are owed to me?


If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, you need CBData®.


Get started today. Download your copy of CBData®.  If it’s important to you and your family, it should be in your copy of CBData®