What Makes CBData® Different?

There is simply no other program like CBData®. Nothing else makes personal recordkeeping so complete and so easy.

Here’s how CBData® differs from other programs:


  • CBData® is the first program that organizes and keeps track of critical information from every area of your life - personal, financial, medical and more - including fun things like photos, pets, art collections.
  • Because CBData® is a relational database, it makes your job easier. Simply enter important information just once - e.g., your Social Security number - and CBData® instantly puts it in all the right places.  This makes your job of entering data faster and more accurate.
  • CBData® is private and secure – when the program is open, it's only open on your local computer,not on the Internet. Yet it’s secure enough that, when closed, it can be stored anywhere.  That’s because it has three types of security, including 256bit encryption, multi-layered password protection and a “unique ID” that no other product like it, uses. And there are a wide range of options for easily backing up all the data...even to your mobile device!  
  • CBData® is there for the long haul - it is based on proven, Microsoft® database technology. That's what makes it so powerful and easy to use.
  • CBData® grows with you - literally and figuratively.  As your family grows, as the complexity of your affairs grows…CBData® is there to help simplify all aspects of your life.
  • CBData® is there to support you when someone has to act on your behalf - you can give them controlled access to CBData® or simply print out the information that's needed.
  • CBData® provides you with dozens of intelligent, pre-formatted reports that you can output as PDFs or export as RTF or even Excel files - everything from Emergency Wallet Cards to Medical Intake Forms to Resumes to Data Locator Reports.
  • You can create individual CBData® Profiles for each member of your family. CBData® allows for an unlimited number of CBData® Profiles for a family and an unlimited number of users per license, on one PC.
  • You can determine the level of access each member of the family receives to the program, as you deem appropriate.
  • Need just one piece of data?  CBData® has a built-in locator you can use to quickly look up anything.  
  • Manage your CBData® database - the software comes with an easy-to-use administrative toolbar that allows for password protection of individual tabs, creation of customized dropdowns and categories and the ability to administer other Users.


Get started today. Download your copy of CBData®.  If it’s important to you and your family, it should be in your copy of CBData®.