FAQs About the JumpStart Concierge

What is the JumpStart Concierge?
Our CBData® JumpStart Concierge offers seasoned professionals that will help you identify, locate and collect the important information you’ll need in a natural or medical emergency.  We can do that by a checklist that we send you or we can come to your home or office and work through that checklist, with you, onsite.

We then input your data into our CBData® program, either via WebEx, inputting non-confidential client information onto your PC while you are on phone, inputting information you have sent us, from our office or inputting your information right onsite, at your home or office.

You end up having a “Profile” created for every family member that you want and/or for every business you own, with all the important information stored, right on your local computer.  We generally do not keep a copy of your data.  If you don’t have a computer, we can either store the data for you, on our computer or send it to a family member or trusted advisor, like an attorney or an accountant.

What does it cost?
Our CBData® software is a onetime fee of $150 for the personal version and $250 for the small business version, which includes the personal version. Our JumpStart charges are $50/hour for work we do at the office and $80/hour for work we do onsite at your home or business, including travel time.

How long does it take to get me JumpStarted?
Obviously, that depends on a number of factors.

1. How organized is your data?  REALLY?

2. How many Family Profiles or Business Profiles do you want done? (the first one always takes the longest but subsequent ones      can reuse the information we’ve already input, that’s the same).

3. How many residences do you have?  (for each residence, you have a whole new set of service providers, hospitals, doctors,      pharmacies, etc.).

Our JumpStarts take, on average, 6-12 hours for the first fully JumpStarted Profile, then about an hour for each additional one, because of the ability to reuse the data.

What are the Logistics?
1. We explain the process to you.

2. We assess you, as a prospective client – we fill out a Client Assessment Form – so we can give you a proper estimate.

3. If you decide you want to move forward, we send you an information packet with a checklist of what you need pulled together and      an estimate, based on the Assessment we did.

4. We’ll follow up with phone call, within a week, if we don’t hear from you first.

5. We’ll await your signed document with the retainer and, if we’re doing it from here, your documents, which we suggest you send      via Fed Ex.

6. As soon as we receive your information, we’ll call you to confirm receipt and schedule appointments.

7. Our goal is to start by getting you the two easiest and most important reports:

     a. Emergency Wallet Card

     b. Wallet Contents Report

8. Once you see them, you’ll understand how powerful the product is, and we can continue to populate your CBData® program so      you can get ALL the reports you want, for each member of your family.

Can’t I Just do it myself?  Can I start with you and then decide I want to do the rest myself?  Or start myself and then give it to you to do?
Absolutely!  We’re offering this as a service so that people will not only get their important information, together, but so they learn the best and quickest way to use the software.  You can do it all, yourself.  And you can start one way and flip to another.  You can start by doing the input and, if you change your mind, we can help and then you can finish.  We’re easy!

Do you outsource to non-US customer support?

What about my confidential information? 
If you want us to just collect and input non-confidential information, we can do that.  80% of what goes into CBData® is non-confidential.  Most people use American Express, Bank of America, CVS, certain hospitals;  it’s the account numbers and critical documents that make something “confidential” and we can show you how you can input those, after we’ve laid the foundation of framing the various member and business profiles.  

If you want us to input confidential information, we can do that, as well.  Part of our contract with you includes a non-disclosure agreement that ensures that any confidential information you give us will remain confidential and that any documents you give us will be returned to you.

Do you have insurance?
Yes, both General Liability and Errors and Omissions insurance.

Be sure to call 201-447-1577 for more information!  Simplify Your Life with CBData®.  


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