CBData® Pro for Small Businesses

CBData® Pro is our new, small business product, specifically created for people who operate a small business out of their home.  Small business owners  want a product that can aggregate all of the critical information about their business, a lot of which is the same as for their personal lives;  the address, the professional firms, the contacts, the service providers, etc., but additionally, they need the ability to safely house their business plan, their incorporation documents, their business continuity and disaster recovery plan, their employees or consultants – the contracts, the reviews, the compensation.  They also need a way to track their CRM - prospects,  clients, their IT inventory and, of course, all of the zillions of passwords used for their business.  CBData® Pro  does just that!  And it allows you to reuse information that you’ve input in the personal side of the product.  CBData® Pro even has a billing program, so you can create invoices and statements for your clients and customers.  And, like CBData®, there is no limit to the number of business profiles you set up, or users that you can permission to see whatever tabs you want them to see.  There are Reminders, Trackers and Event Logs and so much more!  And CBData® Pro accepts imports from Outlook, Quicken, QuickBooks and Excel, just like CBData®.  In fact, CBData® Pro and CBData® are housed within the same database and their look and feel is identical, so if you know one side, you know the other!   Isn’t it time to Simplify Your Business Life? 



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