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CBData® - The Personal License
CBData® - The Personal License
CD & Download ($10 extra)

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Your Personal Recordkeeping Software
CBData is the fast, simple and efficient way to keep track of all your personal, medical and financial information. Instead of sorting through piles of papers, post-it notes or racing to your safe deposit box, rely on CBData.

Scan and import important documents (birth certificate, tax statements etc) and easily transfer data from other programs.Totally secure, there's no connection to the Internet; your data is protected by the highest levels of security.

CBData is the only software program specifically designed to keep track of all of your data: personal, medical, financial and more! (fun stuff, too!)

Sharing Coupon
CareBinders' mission is to get people to get organized so that, when, not if, a natural or medical disaster arises, people will have everything they need, right at their fingertips, in order to make sound decisions.

To encourage our company mission, for every CBData and CBData Pro license purchased, the purchaser will receive a coupon to be able to purchase three additional Personal copies of CBData at a significantly discounted price of $79 each. This coupon can be redeemed, with one time purchases, for up to three Personal copies of CBData by selecting to purchase the Personal License of CBData and, at checkout, inputting the coupon code in the Sharing Coupon field.

Volume Discounts
Looking to buy multiple copies? Call us for volume pricing at 201-562-3500

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CBData System Requirements:
  • Windows 2000 and higher, including Vista and Windows 7
  • Apple compatible using Parallels, VMware or Bootcamp with Windows
  • Pentium processor with at least 2gig of RAM (memory)
  • Program uses 85MB disk space and allows for 2 gig storage in database. Also allows unlimited links to existing photo and music files.
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Download CBData - Download Software

The downloadable version of CBData allows you to begin organizing and simplifying your life immediately!  Just buy and download.   After checkout you will receive an email with your serial number and link to download the software.

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CD packCBData on CD-ROM

If you would prefer the CBData Software on CD, then select this option. The perfect gift for a wedding, birth of children, retirement and other life-triggering events for individuals and families and even as benefits for employees and clients. The smart, tri-fold packaging comes with a quick start guide, CD-ROM and even a label for use with a physical binder!

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Approximate Download Times
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  • Cable, FIOS or equivalent  (54Mbps) Approximately 5 minutes
  • DSL (3 Mbps (3000 Kbps) Approximately 30 minutes
  • Dial-up Modem Not Recommended; Please purchase CD-ROM

CD-ROMs will be shipped within 48 hours of receiving your order

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